The Australian obsession to own your own home has been so entrenched in our culture, that it has become known as the Australian Dream.

The dream began immediately after the Second World War and continues to this day. Originally ‘the Dream’ was to own a modest 2 bedroom dwelling in the suburbs with enough land for a vegie patch and a spot for the kids to play.

But then the population exploded, the suburbs sprawled, the fashions changed, and ‘the Dream’ did too. The dream, once “home” was mainly about shelter and security. As house sizes have increased and block sizes diminished, people have experienced ‘mortgage pain’ and the ‘great Australian dream’ of owning your own home has felt like it is slipping out of reach for many Australians, especially generations X and Y

The good news is that the Australian dream of having a comfortable home of your own is still within reach in Castlemaine.

At an affordable price 47 Ray Street enables you to own a comfortable home. At Ray Street you will be grow your own veggies, entertain, store the caravan, have room for family and friends and so much more.

You can, quite literally, still live the original dream.


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